Summer Project Update

The Eppley Institute team recently conducted interviews with focused stakeholder groups who are frequent users of Hudson’s parks. These interviews were conducted between August 17 – August 28. Eppley would like to thank Friends of Hudson Parks, Hudson Community Education and Recreation, Hudson Community First, Hudson United Soccer and Soccer4All, Hudson Baseball Association and Kiwanis Baseball for attending these interviews and providing great feedback on their usage of, their view of, and their desires for Hudson’s parks. We are now analyzing all of the responses gathered through these interviews and will compare these with the results of last year’s community survey to get a more complete picture of the community’s interests and needs.

The team is also working this month to wrap up our data gathering phase. Analysis reports are being written on data already collected, such as the survey results and condition assessments of the parks. We are working with nearby and similar communities across Ohio to gather information on their parks to use as comparisons points for Hudson. We are also beginning to look at the parks and greenspace network of Hudson using GIS data to help us identify potential connections and opportunities.

An Eppley staff member will be traveling to Hudson at the end of the month to conduct an accessibility evaluation and look for ways to increase access to Hudson’s parks for all people- residents and visitors with mobility, sensory, and/or cognitive disabilities in addition to families, older adults, and young children.  

If you have questions on any of the pieces of the master plan process or have input for the master plan team, please reach out to us using the form or contact information provided at

Kellie Seaton

Eppley Project Manager